Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys


Illustrated by Karen Branchflower

ISBN: 978-1-922161-00-0
Dimensions: 22.9cm x 15cm
Page count:335

$29.95 (AUD)


‘Indigo Children & Cheeky Monkeys’ offers an in-depth profile of five different personality archetypes which can help parents, carers, health care professionals and teachers to bring out the best in all of our children. It outlines tangible strategies for supporting children, especially ‘difficult’ or ‘troubled’ kids, explaining the underlying reasons for their behaviour and providing real and effective approaches to nurturing them physically, emotionally and spiritually, incorporating wisdom from a range of spiritual and alternative health traditions.

Learn how to see your child as an aware, enlightened being, destined to become one of tomorrow’s spiritual warriors.

Discover how to support your child, how to encourage them to achieve their best and how to adapt their diet and home environment, so as to overcome any problems faced in the past.

‘Indigo Children & Cheeky Monkeys’ is a comprehensive reference manual for understanding our kids and learning how to celebrate the uniqueness of every child.

This new edition features a number of updates to take into account new research published since the book’s first release in 2008 and new online resources that have emerged in recent years. It also features a new section titled ‘Bringing out Your Child’s Best’.

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Dimensions 22.9 × 15 cm

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