Yjts2021 - Imagine Where Your Writing Could take You

2021 Annual Writer’s Empowerment Conference

at the Mercure Gold Coast Resort in sunny Queensland, Australia.

Friday May 14 – Sunday May 16


Your Message. Your Dream. Your Book.

Facilitated by Maria Elita, Trudy King and Scott Alexander King

An Empowering Three-Day Conference.

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YJTS 2021 DAY 1


Friday May 14

9.30am – 4.30pm


How to turn a desire to write into an actual, dedicated process.

Or … whether you opt to write on a daily basis or not: how to get started, stay motivated and eliminate forever negative thoughts such as, ‘I’m not qualified to do this’.


People often ask us, as both publishers and authors, ‘How do I write a book?’ Obviously, they don’t mean, ‘Should I type it or handwrite it?’. What they’re asking is – is there a process I should be following that will lead me to successfully writing and completing my manuscript?

During this workshop, you will be shown simple steps and strategies that will ensure you not only start writing your book, but that you complete your manuscript! By following some simple writing activities, identifying what ‘sort of writer’ you are, and what drives you to write (and when), you will soon be on your way to becoming a published author!


YJTS 2021 DAY 2


Saturday May 15

9.30am – 4.30pm


How to turn a love of WRITING into a career as a published AUTHOR.

Or … how to maintain control of your Writing Career so that you can become a successful, professional Author.


Whether you just love writing, or you’re contemplating writing a book, or you’re physically writing a book (at any stage of completion), or if you’re dreaming of someday writing a book, this ‘writing and publishing’ workshop is for you.

During this workshop, you will learn about the publishing industry (the good, bad and ugly), how to pitch a manuscript, what it REALLY means to be ‘offered a contract’, and what your alternatives are to signing your manuscript over to a publisher – and what it really gets you if you do. Learn how to effectively promote yourself as an author by using social media, establishing a profile, getting your work ‘out there’, building an audience, marketing and branding yourself and earning an income from your writing, both short term and long term.



YJTS 2021 DAY 3


Sunday May 16

9.30am – 4.30pm


How to run a successful spiritual business in the technological age.

Or … how to turn your published book into the most powerful business card you’ll ever need.

This will be one of the most valuable days of your life if you want to create a Spiritual Business that not only makes you feel great and alive, which however is financially rewarding for you as well.  Maria and Scott are not only two of Australia’s most respected spiritual teachers and published authors – they have also bravely owned and run successful retail-and-service-based businesses in both the mainstream and spiritual arenas, and now they want to share their expertise (on various levels, within the Food / Hospitality and Mind Body Spirit industries) with you!

Learn from their mistakes and successes; from their combined decades of experience in a competitive industry that offers more than just ‘Love and Light’ and the influences and inspirations that both inspired and hampered the early stages of their individual careers.

This is indeed a rare opportunity to be candidly coached on the highlights and pitfalls of the industry by two ‘spiritual teachers’ who have also run respected ‘goods and services’ businesses that helped catapult their individual careers.




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