For all WRITERS wishing to become PUBLISHED AUTHORS, and all ARTISTS dreaming of seeing their work PUBLISHED, ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING, is offering two amazing PRIZES to anyone who SUBMITS A MANUSCRIPT or a PORTFOLIO OF SAMPLE ART within 6 months of attending this LIFE CHANGING EVENT:

Prize One

The opportunity to be offered a PUBLISHING CONTRACT with Animal Dreaming Publishing

Prize Two

A $2000 discount off a personally tailored SELF-PUBLISHING PACKAGE with Animal Dreaming Publishing

This prize is offered to ALL the authors and artists attending this course; anyone who submits a manuscript / portfolio before the 6-month’s cut-off date!

But, there can be only two winners – so be sure to get your submissions in early!

To submit a manuscript, please CLICK HERE, to submit a portfolio of SAMPLE art please place in a drop box folder and email the link.

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